Your business possibilities have diminished the chances of expansion. Our guidance can help your reach across the globe with smart actions. We minimize operational costs and maximize profitability with our highly-supportive IT outsourcing services from India to multiple global locations. Hence, you can rely on us for a positive response of high-performing and sustainable digital solutions.

IT outsourcing is not a strategy that one can use for handling traditional software requirements. The cutting-edge technology stack and software development services we offer help in digital transformation and enterprise modernization. In general, IT Outsourcing is a practice of subcontracting IT functions. Offshore or nearshore software development companies are easy to find anywhere around the globe. Specifically, India is the most considerate choice for outsourcing due to effective cost and skillful availability. Sylon technologies is a leading IT Outsourcing company with flexible business offerings. Our goal is to keep up with the changing market dynamics in this modern era. Our 21st century advancement in software outsourcing services offer a broad range of benefits. 

Some of these benefits are technical advancement, a naturally-occurring talent of our experts, speedy time of delivery and extra attention on core competencies. We increase the pace of your growth while eliminating risks, boosting deliveries, and providing agile solutions.

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IT Outsourcing Services

We strengthen businesses from India across nations with compelling resources and magnificent business benefits.

Custom Software Development

We create the tech-world more facile with our customer software development services. Sylon technologies IT outsourcing professionals assemble all necessary details regarding a client's business. Our tech-savvy strategic plan provides liable services with quality testing practices and integrity. We are a growth-driven standard solution that comes with perfect maintenance and support for businesses.

Front end development

Hire Sylon technologies to design creative and appealing web applications. Our software engineering capabilities involve a custom-built team for developing persistent applications. Our Front end development services fulfil tailor-made needs of every business. The holistic support we offer in the entire development process boosts design conceptualization. Hence, our adept implementations make your business accountable and feasible with high-quality.

Dedicated Development Team

The dedication of our software development team is unbeatable. Harnessing our custom IT outsourcing service offerings can make a measurable difference in your restrictive success. Our proficient developers are well aware of the latest technology that can create high-performing applications. Their contribution to each project is appreciative. They provide base consistency, business acceleration, and bring about higher revenue.

SaaS application development

Sylon technologies has exceptional technical strength and in-depth knowledge of SaaS-based applications. Our full scale support of SaaS-based applications is a back-up package to every business. We design, maintain, and support services while providing consistent consultation. We are flexible across all engagement models and project scopes for detangling all complex responsibilities. Our pro SaaS applications play a crucial role in the advancement of digital modifications. 

Hire Developers

It is essential to stay in touch with the evolutionary competitive market. Hiring our resourceful team of proficient engineers with varying skills furnish the client's needs. Custom IT outsourcing desires are achievable via Sylon technologies inhouse software development team and mobile apps development team. Our track records are easy to verify! These records are proof to our excellence in delivery, reliability, and security. Our strategic vision makes the client's business fully-functional with high-end intelligence.

Ecommerce Applications

Software outsourcing companies in India offer a superlative degree of service. Harness our expert faculty and undergo immense development via couturier ecommerce platforms. B2B marketplaces, drop shopping, inventory & warehouse management, and ecommerce mobile apps are our leading sectors. Our custom ecommerce applications are fully-functional and feature-rich.

Technology Stack




Cloud & DevlOps







Cloud & DevlOps




Delivering the right solution

Our solutions serve customer needs with perfection. We satisfy every business need! Start-up companies who are just out with an ideology or mid-size businesses embracing growth can approach us. Large enterprises can also actively optimize processes across global industries. Some of the sectors where our solutions have marked the business footsteps of accomplishment are:


Why Sylon

Progressive Roadmap

We are a result-driven software that develops brands and businesses to the next level of progress. Our company evaluates and analyzes the client's project details to offer the best-fit technology solution.

Top Project Management

We consider minimization of project risks. Scope, schedule, budget, and timeliness concerning your web development project are our responsibility.

Flexible Engagement Model

We offer a blend of skillful project managers and cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to enable transparency and scalability at all engagement levels.

Consistent Delivery

Many software development techniques, such as Scrum, Scrum ban, and more, are available for your service. We serve your project requirements while dealing with these promising techniques offering proficient employees.

Business-Friendly Hiring Models

Hire our software developers and take your business to the next level! 

Hire Team

  • Requirement discussion and team finalization. 
  • Evaluation of issues and responsibility of bringing effortless solutions. 
  • Dedicative team and engagement

Project Development

  • Lean software development with agile framework 
  • Milestone efforts & bi-weekly sprint designs
  • Consistent development and iterative feedback

Project Delivery

  • Cloud and DevOps integrity 
  • Automatic testing
  • Flexibility in delivery

Project Requirements

  • Gap analysis
  • Cost effective with optimum speed
  • Project contract signup

Project Development

  • Agile software development
  • Bi-weekly sprint designs and milestones of achievement
  • Completion of task and client feedback

Project Delivery

  • Integrable Cloud and DevOps 
  • Manual testing and automotive engineering
  • Reliability of delivery

Why should businesses outsource IT Services?

Leverage our strategic, business-driving skills for impactful solutions. Enjoy higher revenue and longer sustainability with a proficient outsource IT service.

On-Demand Hiring

Scaling up and down resources as per the project deadlines is feasible with our mobile resources and top-notch quality of experience. Sylon Technologies flexible engagement model is collaborative with different businesses applying zero efforts and serving all client expectations.

Focus on core Business

IT outsourcing increases focus, reliability, and makes a business cost-effective with optimum software service. Outsourcing may handle your varying software needs, but you can shift your focus on core services. We exceed the level of business performance and make every change visible.

Top Talent Availability

Integrating capable software engineers with years of expertise is indeed a contribution to critical projects. They can deliver impactful results while smoothening project bumps. OBJEXIVE offers efficiency in due time with developers who possess vast technical expertise. Hence, we complete the goal of enhancing client’s business processes.

Cost Savings

Fulfil your business tasks with ease via high-quality aid from India. It aims for reduction in Indian development cost relative to other offshore locations. Hiring full-time staff for a particular project is not a necessary requirement. One can hire a skillful-pool of resources that are adept to serve consumer needs efficiently.

Domain Expertise

We have catered to multiple industries for over two decades and earned an exceptional edge in several service domains. Our proficient team is an easy fit for every task due to ages of experience. Hence, our end-to-end and top-notch services appeal to global clients. Our modern tech expertise helps companies in cost decrement and massive increment of growth.

Risk Reduction

Technical evolution is consistent and risky for every business across the globe. These risks include market risks, financial risk, technology risk, compliance and regulatory risks, and more. Expert Outsourcing deplete all risks, recover cost, and we’ll-organise each business goal.


Our firm offers CMMI level 3 software. We are among the best agencies that provide custom software development. We provide diversification of custom software development services with the latest technology standards.

Our substantial experience and well-versed competency have empowered many businesses. Our programming experts have specialized knowledge in Agile software development methodologies and customer-centric engagement models.

 We take strict quality measures, in-depth technical and domain expertise, and offer an exceptional understanding of different software development frameworks. Our diverse programming languages and platforms help one achieve the best web software solutions.

Our full-stack services like custom software development, web app development, mobile app development, and more offer accomplishment of the business. Our software development process is robust, providing top-notch services and clean detailing of everyday advancement.

NDA- Non-disclosure agreement is a part of becoming our customers. It claims that we ensure safeguarding IPs and protecting the company data as a top priority. We eliminate the possibility of any unethical breaches before binding to a project.

Objexive is a customer-centric company offering two main types of hiring models. These are the types of software engagement models we use:

  • Development Team/Staff Dedication And Augmentation Model

In this model, businesses can have access to a professional team for the long term. Every consumer can screen them and match their experience and skill set.

  • Fixed-Price Model

In this model, the time frame and budget vary as per the client and the service provider. It helps both in matching the criteria for achieving short-term goals.

We offer full-service custom software development. Our focus on design, development, deployment & maintenance services builds the progress of roadmaps. We focus on sustainability while developing the software. Our 21st tech solution keeps the application healthy and relevant.

Our maintenance services focus on feature enhancements, optimization, bug fixing, and preventive maintenance.

When to use IT Outsourcing Solutions

Every business aims for excessive growth with stable operations. IT outsourcing is a contribution to critical projects that serve the market needs. There are countless reasons for opting this solution, such as

Inability to manage critical projects

Complex projects are not handy to work and invest in. It is risky to employ laborious hours and energy in specific tasks. So, consultation via an IT outsourcing partner is an appropriate choice of engagement.

Need consultancy and Advice

Every business suffering under the burden of a pile of projects require inhouse talent. However, it is a concern that needs IT Outsourcing for fulfilling the time-gap and tackling the waste of efforts with dependable results.

Insufficient In-house specialists

Global shortage of IT specialists appeals to every business for fetching a partner with an intricate tech-knowledge. The solution agencies that possess impressive business skills are worthy of investment.

Technical Complications

User demands are increasing for the need of specific technology with zero alternative tech stack. IT outsourcing companies provide best tech-talent for all variants of tools and platforms.

Cost Benefits

IT outsourcing companies are a one-stop hub of talent and cost-effective machinery. Hiring these solutions can deliver specific business results with assurity of technical guidance, and a modular team. 

Faster Outcomes

Every business loves to get quick results and fly high in a competitive business market. So, IT outsourcing is definitely for you to enjoy prosperity and flourish changes with a reliable team of experts.

How to evaluate IT Outsourcing

Technology shifts are unpredictable and forces brands to adapt newer approaches of fresh expertise. Businesses can choose whether they wish to have an IT outsourcing partner or to utilize their in-house development team. Business-critical tasks require decisions favorable for your business. Hence, IT outsourcing is an adept option if it offers you a competitive edge.

Enterprises that reach out to IT outsourcing service providers must acknowledge the vital role of metrics in modern processes. It helps one select a profitable IT Outsourcing Partner,

Check Industry Experience

It is essential to check the experience of the potential IT outsourcing partner. The quantifiable measurement of their industry involvement helps the client to analyse their strength of handling critical projects.

Infrastructural Capabilities & technology

An outsourcing company is an accessible resource for collaborating with modern-tech tools, software, and platforms. So, leverage the most potent team with enough knowledge of serving technology project needs.

Technical Proficiency

Hence, the partner choice must include adept professionalism. They must have fully-functional knowledge regarding all types of new-edge technologies. Hence, it allows the enterprise to enjoy continuous and non-interrupting services.

Client Testimonials and Samples

It is essential to do a background check of the provider to cross-verify the past work portfolios. Case studies and client testimonials help in evaluating the futuristic results and quality of service.

Communication and Client Management

Communication is the key aid to resolve business complexities. Hence, you must partner with a transparent company that comes with responsive communication and years of client experience.

Calculate Cost Benefits

IT outsourcing includes proficiency and cost as the primary factors of consideration. Hence, risk calculations, benefits, and outcome expectations are attainable when you choose the right partner.

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