Offshore Outsourcing is not a game play or roller-coaster ride. Cost may display as a prime factor of the current boom but many issues restrict our vision. One out of every four outsourcing deals do not achieve success. Cost saving is the only issue that companies and service providers consider. Every offshore software development deal includes some glitches. But, Sylon technologies reduce these problems with safe implementation of unique methodologies and building a trustworthy relationship. 

It is a must to consider some of these issues while using offshore outsourcing via Sylon technologies approach

1. Vendor Selection

Different issues have different solutions with multiple choices of alternatives. However, it is your call to select the right one. Price is not the only factor that one must consider while looking for a vendor. Technical skills and experience have identical values.

IT Outsourcing deals face failure many times due to wrong vendor selection. Vendor selection must not consider the price alone. Cost is often the prime factor for outsourcing, and has an extravagant importance. However, the vendor selection process must include multiple driving factors to make the correct decision. 

Cost: money-making is everyone’s goal and so are the offshore service providers. Pushing them on the wall for price will return an impressive way to earn money. Contractual decisions between two parties keep the decision and coordination fair. 

Technical skills: It is essential to select the right resource for an extensive growth of your business. Every business requires a solution that comes from ages of experience. Modern era demands appealing capabilities and proficient service.

Sylon Approach

We discuss IT Outsourcing with our clients without being secretive. Many of our clients are well aware of our employee paycheck amount and profit margin. We quote fair rates at both ends! Our rates rely on the proficiency level of a programmer's skill, experience and ability. We maintain quality standards while choosing people and we do not hire anyone at random. We highlight our strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and limitations. We are not one stop IT-service providers, but we concentrate in our domain to attain maximum expertise.

2. Intellectual property rights issue

Opting for offshore software outsourcing has a severe concern regarding intellectual property rights and stealing of intellectual property.

Outsourcing Services and intellectual property rights issues is a broad discussion of different opinions and cases. 

  • What if my unique source code becomes a high-selling tool sharable to my competitors?
  • What if a service provider makes minor changes in product development coding for me and puts their product in the market?
  • What if a service provider employee tries to steal code and sell it to my rivals?

Sylon Approach

Intellectual property is like a genie that requires utmost safety. it does not come back if someone steals it. We sign intellectual property rights agreement with our client that states legal actions of safety. We amend to delete every code piece from our database once a project is over. We do not promote "REUSABLE LIBRARIES", unlike other offshore service providers.

Our legal agreements with employees promise to provide protection for client source code. Limitation on internet access, Email scanning, and more, are some measures that we prefer to follow.

3. Your existing development team

It is the most disruptive issue that occurs while your existing IT team works with an offshore software development team. It may become a blame game with zero advantage to the company due to lack of appropriate measures. 

Software Outsourcing and offshore job shifting is a tentative issue with business depletion effects. Employee dissatisfaction may occur due to job insecurity at the initial phase of offshore outsourcing. Sometimes the tech-team may not cooperate with offshore development teams. Hence, it rises as a recurring issue of inadequate communication. Staff discussion is, thus, an essential component that must include a mock Q&A session before going offshore outsourcing. End-time surprises may ruin the whole process.

Sylon Approach

We take following measures to bring our client IT team back on track. 

  • We explore the main issues and reexamine the management relationship. Who is responsible for disbalance in management and how to realign the communicative barriers. We further discuss the same with our client for improvement. 
  • Talk...Talk and consistent talk! It is an everyday condition of offshore outsourcers that one needs to resolve. A healthy discussion always boosts intricate outcomes.

4. Offshore development team & management

People and project management is often what separates a winning combination and failure in offshore software outsourcing.

There are many Software Outsourcing companies with varying benefits. But what makes a particular company different? It is the management of people and projects with fully-functional experience and vision. We are not body shoppers who hire market developers and sell them as a team.

Sylon Approach

Client project employees are actually working for service providers. We match the client's vision with a compatible development team. We create a feeling of code ownership and responsibility within our team members. We aim to provide web-based project management tools for clients. Our excelling development team analyse day-to-day performance, manage custom requirements and make applications free from bugs.

5. Communication

Our geographically-dispersed team is flexible according to different time zones. Communication may become an issue! But, our service providers schedule meetings at a compatible time for optimum supremacy of results. 

Offshore software Outsourcing to geographically-dispersed companies may create communicative disruption. Time zone difference is the main reason that requires a client to schedule phone calls and meetings. Emailing works, but it may not satisfy complex changes that need urgent response. Hence, one can interact with the development team at midnight.

Sylon Approach

Our employees are interactive with clients during off hours as a part of their job. Our flexible schedule supports the client's time zone and their urgent requirements.

6. Approach and Methodology

A list of things that we really need to complete, may or may not cover everything. This is what everyone may have heard from different companies. An adept offshore software development team is every business desire. 

Software Outsourcing companies are endless nowadays. But, what separates a successful company from the also-rans is, uniqueness of vision, proficiency of expertise, and project management. We do not hire worthless developers with zero market sense. We are not here to sell, but our aim is to boost selfgrowth while supporting other companies. 

Sylon Approach

We match every client's vision with a particular development team. Our focus is code ownership and responsibility of developing unique solutions. We also ensure a web-based project management tool for effective client management. Our aim is to record and scale up everyday performance, handle project needs, and boost bug-free solutions.

7. Manpower Turnover of software outsourcing service provider

Software outsourcing in India has boomed within this twentieth century. Frequent job shifts occur in the programming field. A newly-hired engineer always wishes to work efficiently. He may offer preferable changes in architecture of development work. He may interpret requirements in a wrong way that is the cause of communication gap.

Sylon Approach

We test candidates for technical compliance before selection. Psychological compatibility also matters along with our morals and work ethics. We look for candidate patience and expertise with a guarantee for 1.5 years.

8. Testing at different location

Testing is a severe requirement at numerous locations in case of offshore software outsourcing. Code development requires one-stop development and implementation at other locations.

Software Outsourcing at offshore destinations requires testing at different places. Code testing is a necessity for the location where development has occurred. But it is also equally-essential to test at the place of deployment. It may collaborate with other elements at the deployment location.

Sylon Approach

We test code at the local place and on the testing client server. In general, clients offer access to the testing server for a complete development cycle. However, there is limitation of access to the actual server whenever there is an urgent need.

9. After project services

Projects may need minor changes or upgrades anytime during the solution offering. Businesses look for developers that can provide the fastest turn around at certain conditions. 

Any software can not work for a lifetime. But some project developers live in another geographical location and work for someone else. They may reply at the instant or may not answer at all.

Sylon Approach

Documentation and commenting are the best approach that maintain engagement after a project completion. We intend to respond as quickly as possible. It is our priority to manage service provider relationships. 

10. Walking away from the deal

Breaking up a deal at the mid way is the most difficult task. It is the toughest part of software outsourcing. Walking away from a running deal creates chaos and complications. One out of every four offshore deals are not reliable. Its failure Reasons are many – communication gap, technical members differences between client and service providers, imbalance of client’s expectations and provider performance etc. It is a financial loss for both parties and must not happen ever.

Sylon Approach

We explore the reasons that restrict mobility of on-course development. We do not let projects stay idle, even for a while. We gather maximal information to explore developer issues and the clients for analysis. We further find a compatible solution through effective communication to solve every issue. Communication is our key emphasis everytime! Client discussions help in conducting a proper exit when all approaches mitigate so we can minimize client loss.

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